Wayfinding and Signage: Getting it Right

Larsen Design . Accessed November 30, 2017.
Large wayfinding and signage

Do you often hear visitors say “Where can I find the . . . ”? If this is a common question in your congregation, consider this idea: “Like so many things that seem simple but aren’t, wayfinding is an unobtrusive guide. When it works, it’s transparent. When it doesn’t, it’s the center of unwelcome attention.” This brief article helps congregations get the kind of attention they want by offering six suggestions for reviewing, evaluating, and placing directional, destination, and other types of signs in and around their facilities. The first suggestion is to stop and notice the type of signage currently in place. Anticipating “decision points,” determining the type of signs needed, and a sign’s attractiveness are three others. Congregations of all types - whether building, renovating, or simply hearing the word “where” once too often - will find this secular article from a marketing firm useful.

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