Welcoming the Elderly

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David Middlebrook. Church Law Group, April 2014. Accessed June 26, 2017.

What can congregations do to make their facilities safe and accessible for elderly participants? Churchman and legal expert, Middlebrook, suggests a number of fixes that can make a difference in the quality of older persons’ experience of congregational life. While some costs could be significant, the benefits in terms of increased comfort and reduced liability make them worth serious consideration. Suggestions include adding ramps, installing railings and chair lifts, and having a medic on hand during community events (preferably a congregational volunteer). In addition to the elderly, parents using strollers will appreciate the ramps, as will those with arthritis or injuries that require crutches. Medical emergencies can happen at any age and a medic on duty will serve everyone. This free presentation can be used in small groups and by governing groups to prompt important actions on facility safety and accessibility.