Where Justice Dwells: A Hands-On Guide To Doing Social Justice Work In Your Jewish Community

by Jill Jacobs. Jewish Lights Publishing, 2011.
Large where justice dwells

Social justice work, so deeply rooted in Judaism, often finds itself sidelined in congregational life. Rabbi Jill Jacobs offers this workbook to synagogues who want to make social justice work a priority. Her approach relocates the work, making it a core congregational practice. Congregations can do this by following four steps: developing a communal vision, identifying congregants’ passions, finding effective partners and projects, and weaving Jewish texts and ritual with justice work. Jacobs offers specific, concrete strategies for implementing each step. Each chapter is followed by discussion questions and ways to contextualize various strategies. She includes a section on the pros and cons of various kinds of action, including direct service, giving and investing money, advocacy, and community organizing. Congregations can use this resource to re-examine their social justice work as well as to implement a new and more centralized approach. The appendix contains a detailed list of organizational resources and suggestions for further reading.