Who Does the Planning?

Blog. Susan Beaumont. November 4, 2010. Accessed November 26, 2018.
Large who does the planning

Who participates in strategic planning in the large congregation? While overall responsibility for creating a strategic plan resides with the governing board, many large congregations believe that vision resides in the hearts and minds of congregational members. Susan Beaumont is a former Area Minister in the American Baptist Churches and now a leading consultant specializing in the unique dynamics of large congregations. In this blog post, she suggests that the nature of the strategic planning process calls for a separate planning team and offers thoughts on how to select team members. Accountable to the governing board, the planning team is charged with fully engaging congregation members, board and committee members, and staff members in dialogue about the future of the congregation. Beaumont outlines the role of the planning team in designing and facilitating a self-study process that includes data gathering, discernment, and decision making. Written for large congregations, many of these ideas are also relevant for small and midsize congregations. Find related posts by Beaumont by clicking on the “Strategic Planning” tag at the end of this post.

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