Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road?: Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World

by Brian D. McLaren. Jericho Books, 2012.
Large why did jesus moses buddha

Brian McLaren has become a reliable witness for Christian apologetics through the years. In his writings, love for the divine is combined with appreciation for human dilemmas. This book is McLaren’s entry into interfaith conversation. The dialogue is hospitable, even if it is not so much dialogue with another as it is with his personal experience. He uses interfaith reflection as a way to reclaim the best of the Christian faith, while honoring differences with others. For instance, a chapter is titled, “How a Hindu Can Help Christians Discover Their True Identity in a Multi-faith World.” Overall, the book addresses two primary questions: Can you be a committed Christian without having to condemn or convert people of other faiths? Is it possible to affirm other religious traditions without watering down your own? In some ways, this book would make for a great new member class book or a gift to those joining the Christian community. In other words, it is a safe and sound entry for a Christian congregation exploring the threshold of our multi-faith world.

Reviewed by Tim Shapiro

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