Zondervan 2017 Church and Nonprofit Tax and Financial Guide: For 2016 Tax Returns

by Dan Busby, J. Michael Martin, and others. Zondervan Publishing House, 2017.

If just thinking about your organization’s financial processes and procedures gives you a headache, then CPAs Dan Busby and John VanDrunan and money manager J. Michael Martin’s work, Church and Nonprofit Tax and Financial Guide, may be the cure. In this annual reference guide, the authors address numerous topics related to congregational and nonprofit taxes and other financial issues. Each year’s publication provides a discussion of the current year’s new IRS rules and regulations that apply to religious organizations. A chart contains the tax reporting deadlines. In addition to being the authoritative reference for clergy taxes, this annual publication serves as a reference for financial accountability, receiving and maintaining tax exempt status, and accounting of charitable gifts. This work is an important resource for treasurers, clergy, and finance committees in all religious traditions.