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November 6, 2017

A Conversation with Tod Bolsinger


Thumb sustainable youth ministry

Mark DeVries, founder of Youth Ministry Architects, gives congregations struggling with youth...

Thumb caring ministry contemplative approach

Although the title may indicate otherwise, the author writes for all people engaged in caring...

Thumb dont sing songs heavy heart

The writer speaks as a care-giver for a loved one who suffered through a difficult illness and...

Thumb grief

John Kennedy Saynor accompanies the viewer on a journey through the unfamiliar territory of...

Thumb good grief

The writer invites readers into a constructive approach to the problem of loss. This...

Thumb after a child dies

This excellent video shares the devastation and grief of family members as they tell their...

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Thumb remembering well

This book offers anyone who has or will ever suffer through the death of someone they loved ways...

Thumb gods work parish nursing
Web resource

Through movement, image and music, the work of parish nursing is beautifully expressed. Each...

Thumb wisdom for caregivers
Web resource

This collection of informative, inspirational, and insightful speech transcripts can be a source...

Thumb rest ministries inc
Web resource

This website serves as clearinghouse giving information and support to chronically ill persons...