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During the 1950s, a psychiatrist named Murray Bowen created a new intervention for those with family members suffering from schizophrenia. Two decades later, Rabbi Edwin Friedman used Bowen’s...

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Large generation to generation

By now, almost every seminary graduate has been introduced to Bowen Family Theory and Rabbi Edwin Friedman’s effective (and often winsome, even witty) adaptation of it to congregational life. The...

Large boomer volunteer engagement

Organizational consultants Jill Fixler and Beth Steinhorn created the Facilitator’s Tool Kit to expand on a 2008 book by Fixler and Sandie Eichberg, Boomer Volunteer Engagement. (Reading the 2008...

Large the business of the church

Many pastors and leaders in the church would be hard pressed to call the management of their congregation real ministry. John Wimberly would argue it is. In his book, The Business of the Church,...

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