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Assessment tools are used in congregational planning. Such tools are helpful in strategic planning, formation of new programs, improvement of existing projects and more.

There are internal...

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This article offers eight practices of a missional church while inviting readers to consider their own ministry and obstacles to growth.

Large intentional ministry

This book argues that churches must move from an internal to an external focus, giving congregations the tools to transform into a missional church that is daring in its outreach approach.

Large insights into compassionate congregation

This article provides concrete suggestions for congregations seeking to become more involved in social outreach.

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Written by a rabbi who specializes in bringing Judaism to interfaith families and the unaffiliated, this resource emphasizes how synagogues must engage and serve the community rather than remain...

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Web resource

This web resource, provided by Lutheran pastor and co-author of the previously published “Click 2 Save: The Digital Ministry Bible”
Keith Anderson, argues that "we need to take...

Large synagogue inclusion project

This 11-page document gives leaders a process to assess their facility and conduct group interviews, evaluating the congregation's accessibility, policies, and awareness related to disabilities....

Large 101 ways to reach your community

This easy-to-read book helps congregations focus outward through service.

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This article presents a simple, ten-step framework to guide congregations through an annual communications strategy audit.

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This research-based book examines the differences between "mission true" organizations that have stayed true to the spiritual commitments of their founders, and "mission untrue," those that have...

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Web resource

This interactive, online resource center offers free faith formation tips and tools to build a “stronger, more faith-focused family.”

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