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In October 2012, the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life reported that, based on new data, 19.5% of Americans register no religious affiliation. This is an almost five percent increase over the...

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Congregational life includes beliefs. Some congregations ask folks to believe certain things in order to be members. Your congregation may welcome questions about certain beliefs. Your congregation...

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Many elements make you the person you are. You are shaped by your race, your geographic location, and your genetic structure. Your personality is formed by your family,...

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Workshop leader and co-editor of research publication Catholic Education: A Journal of Inquiry & Practice, the Rev. Ronald J. Nuzzi, applies Multiple Intelligence theory to religious education in a...

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Parker Palmer urges teachers and learners to recapture the spiritual dimension of education. To explain how the spiritual dimension can be re-introduced, the author begins by positing three sources...

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Erik Carter states that a congregational community is an ideal place to share and strengthen faith, form lasting relationships, and develop special gifts and talents. Too often, though, people with...

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Originally published in 1976, now in its third edition, Westerhoff’s classic text remains an insightful and useful critique of Christian education. The core thesis of the book is that everything...

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Veteran children’s minister and Christian educator, Sharon Ely Pearson, has compiled an impressively comprehensive list of currently available children’s faith formation curricula into one...

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What conditions and factors lead to people growing in faith? What does growing in faith look like? How can the practice of faith lead to deeper trust? The author, Craig Dykstra, is the former...

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While it might be easy to point the finger at today’s youth and blame them for their lack of commitment to Christ and the church, in this e-book, Kenda Creasy Dean points the finger in a different...

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Roman Catholic educator and author of How Each Child Learns, Bernadette Stankard, applies the theory of Multiple Intelligences to the religious education classroom. While geared specifically toward...

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“When it comes to effective instruction, how you do it matters.” So says author and education expert, Israel Galindo, in this practical book aimed at religious educators. While research has...

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Founder and President of Orthodox Jewish social justice organization Uri L’Tzedek, Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz explores the role of emotional intelligence in the development of moral and ethical...

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