7 Habits of a Visitor Friendly Church: How to Make a Lasting First Impression

Dr. Thom Clegg. Audio. Church Growth Institute, 0.

This audio tape series is a recording of a Church Growth Seminar on '7 Habits of a Visitor Friendly Church' presented by Dr. Thom Clegg. The seven habits include 1) Seven impressions befor eohte first visit 2) Seven touches of love on the first visit 3) Seven contacts after the first visit 4) Seven new friends in a seven week period 5) A position within seven months 6) Seven prospects in seven weeks 7) The next seven months...follow-up.
Although as presented this approach is quite prescriptive, it includes a multitude of principles and ideas that can be adapted to fit a variety of congregational settings.
This resource includes an accompanying workbook and spiritual gifts inventory.

2/2012 -- this resource is now available on CD with workbook - $59.95