A House of Prayer for All Peoples: Congregations Building Multiracial Community

by Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook. The Alban Institute, 2002.

While unflinchingly acknowledging the problem of racism in North America and the consequent dearth of multiracial congregations on the continent, Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook offers readers hope for change in this compelling book. That hope comes in the form of six diverse congregations working to realize the prophet Isaiah’s vision for a "house of prayer for all peoples" in their communities.

Though their stories reflect the struggle and pain of confronting the racism in their midst, they are also stories of reward, promise, and the courage of commitment. Combined with Kujawa-Holbrook’s thoughtful observations, analysis, and recommendations, this book offers inspiration, encouragement, and a place to begin for all clergy and parishioners seeking to create a welcoming home for all the world’s peoples in their own congregations. The book is capped with an annotated list of over 300 resources for those wishing to explore the topic further.

Here is an essential resource for congregations that are earnestly seeking to become more multiracial and inclusive.