A Practical Guide to Community Ministry

by A. David Bos D. Westminster John Knox Press, 9/1993.

Based on his 20 years of experience, David Bos has written this practical guide for congregations seeking to engage each other in serving their communities. Community ministry, in which congregations of different denominations form an alliance to serve their locality, is unique in that it responds to both community and congregational needs. This book gives direction on assessing local community needs and on starting and developing a ministry. Believing that the board is the most influential entity in directing the ministry’s vision, the author presents a model for orienting and training a board of directors. He also gives advice on staffing and funding sources. Community ministry’s benefits extend beyond service and justice issues to include positive impacts on the ecumenical and cross-cultural attitudes of the congregations doing the serving. Pastors, lay leaders, and congregational board members will gain practical insights and ideas as they reach out to other denominations and pool their resources to serve local neighborhood needs.