Abraham, A Journey to the Heart of Three Great Faiths

by Bruce Feiler. William Morrow, 2002.

Is it just possible that the story of Abraham, claimed as the father of the world's three monotheistic faiths, holds the key to interfaith understanding as well? Feiler explores this possibility by looking at the stories of Abraham's call, God's covenant with Abraham, the conflict between Isaac and Ishmael, and Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son. For a complete picture, the author relied on the Torah, the New Testament, early Christian writings, and the Koran -- as well as interviews with noted scholars, rabbis, Christian clerics and imams. These insights present each religion as interpreting the story of Abraham differently as the needs of each faith grew and as they came into conflict with each other. Feiler finds hope in our common ancestor's story of submission to God's will, his willingness to leave what was familiar, and courage to set out on a journey not knowing the destination. Congregations can use this book as a resource for both adult faith formation and interfaith dialogue. The author has prepared a professional study guide that includes passages from the Torah and the Koran for discussion. Information about this is available on the author's website: www.brucefeiler.com. The author does not use foot or endnotes which may disappoint some who would like to know the particular source of the information he cites; however, there is a recommended bibliography at the end of the book.