ACS Technologies (Automated Church Systems)


For over 30 years, ACS Technologies has developed outstanding technology solutions specifically for faith-based organizations. Each of the company's products and services are designed to work together to increase your organization's efficiency and effectiveness, allowing you to take your ministry to the next level.
The various products enable churches to manage groups, events, finances, donor relationships, volunteers, staff, child care, schedules, mailings, reporting, Web sites, growth strategies and so much more. Whether online, offline, or wireless, the tools you need to help you connect your community are totally integrated under one roof.
ACS Technologies acquired The City from Zondervan in May of 2011.

Products offered include:
ACS Enterprise (for larger/mega churches with 1000+ in attendance)
ACS (for medium/large churches with 100-1000 in attendance)
Membership Plus (for small churches with less than 100 in attendance)
ACS Organizations (for governing bodies, regional offices and nonprofits)
Headmaster (for schools and child care facilities)
Parish Data Systems (for Catholic churches and parishes)
The City (The City is the best known and most widely used church-focused social community with over 600 churches and over 200,000 people engaged nationwide.The City allows church goers to engage with one another on their own terms, whether they're scheduling events, sharing prayer requests or information, connecting for outreach, using a community calendar, giving,or keeping contact information accurate.)

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