American Muslims: The New Generation

by Asma Gull Hasan. Bloomsbury Academic, 2001.

This is a lively, up-front, personal account of life as a Muslim feminist American. Born in America to parents from Pakistan, Asma Hasan was raised in Colorado. Speaking as a devout Muslim, she articulates the need for American Muslims to study the Qu'ran and move beyond the ethnic and immigrant cultures that separate them to create a uniquely American expression of their faith.

Hasan brings a fresh perspective and vibrant enthusiasm to her subject as she fearlessly examines assumptions and challenges stereotypes to present a balanced look at Islam in America. Astute comparisons with Christian, Jewish, and African-American figures opens a compassionate understanding of the similarities among the Abrahamic traditions.

This easy to read book would be great for a study group to gain an appreciation of this growing segment of the American population. (Muslims now outnumber Jews in the United States, but consist of a wider ethnic spectrum: African, African-American, Middle Eastern and South Asian as well as European, American, Native American and Hispanic converts.)

Check out to learn more about the author and her more recent writings. As her generation comes of age and moves into leadership positions they will bring wonderful gifts to the American cultural mix.