Avoidable Mistakes in Church Building and Remodeling

by Paul F. Spite. Morris Publishing, 2000.

Predicting possible pitfalls in advance of a building or remodeling project would certainly empower decision-making. Wisdom gleaned from past mistakes provides baseline information in this source. A spiritual emphasis is woven throughout, a reminder that God’s purposes come first. This book begins with a conversation about growth, scripturally exploring God’s intent, our part, and if facility change is needed. Next is the preparation work, listing in detail what the entire process encompasses. Practical decisions about multi-purpose use of space are considered. A third section invites churches to thoroughly discuss some guiding concepts before the design phase for a clearer understanding of the way space will be utilized. The fourth section is perhaps the most important because it directly deals with practical matters, such as sacred vs. multi-use space and mistakes to avoid. There are helpful, bulleted lists concerning site, building, code, driveway, and parking considerations and advice about sound systems. The final section concerns money matters with lists of costs and fees, land buying checklist, and frank discussions about the pitfalls of cost cutting through volunteer labor and the cheap building route. This source would be quite beneficial to building committees in their earliest stages of planning.