Becoming Barnabas: The Ministry of Encouragement

by Paul Moots. The Alban Institute, 2004.

'Becoming Barnabas' takes a fairly obscure character in Scripture and crafts around his actions an entire way to do ministry. With congregational pastors and lay leaders in mind, Paul Moots explores several biblical events in which Barnabas plays a lead role. Moots particularly looks at Barnabas’ generosity, his willingness to partner with others, and his ability to forgive as essential to the work of the church.

Written for lay and ordained congregational leaders, this book encourages opening leadership opportunities to the entire congregation. The author understands and responds to the difficulties and fears that can arise when leadership responsibilities expand beyond usual channels, persons, or committees. While giving up control is not easy, Moots explores the creative possibilities that can emerge when we are willing to share control with others.

Lastly, Moots reminds us that this is a process and that God continually works on our hearts and minds, bringing the new life in Christ to completion. It is God working in us, always.