Becoming Friends: Worship, Justice, and the Practice of Christian Friendship

by Paul J. Wadell. Brazos Press, 2002.

While books on Christian relationships abound, Paul Wadell's 'Becoming Friends' makes a distinctive contribution. The author powerfully reminds us that our first and foremost friendship, the one that undergirds all others, is with God. It is this relationship that tells us much about how we worship and live. Focusing on the kinds of friendships that should abound in a Christ-centered church, Wadell enjoins readers to create "the kind of community that can faithfully enact God's narrative of love, healing, and redemption in the world." With a generous nod toward the practice of contemplative living, the author challenges readers to see things anew in order to find their way out of contemporary culture and into God's true longing for our world. In the closing pages, Wadell compellingly argues that true friends of God are committed to justice. He notes that doing justice is the quintessence of the Christian life and the primary task of all true friends of God. This book's stimulating and accessible focus on the theology of Christian friendship,with God and with one another,as well as the implications of such true friendship, make 'Worship, Justice, and the Practice of Christian Friendship' well worth the read. It would be particularly valuable in small group or adult education settings.