Berglund, Brad


Brad Berglund, author of Reinventing Sunday: Breakthrough Ideas for Transforming Worship ( Judson Press, 2001), is considered to be one of the leading American Baptist consultants for worship. He is available for weekend retreats where he meets with church staff and all volunteers for worship services to discuss worship in our local setting. Through discussions, workshops, experiential learning, and then evaluating each of our services on Sunday morning (both the new Gathering service and the “traditional” services in our chapel and sanctuary), Brad then will give us his opinion on where we can improve our worship, with the focus on music and spiritual formation. This is similar to what Sally Morgenthaler does, but for our purposes at this time, much more affordable, as Brad’s fees are less than half of what Sacramentis charges. You can learn more about Brad Bergland as a worship consultant at his website: .