Birthing the Sermon: Women Preachers on the Creative Process

by Jana Childers. Chalice Press, 2001.

Jana Childers has collected proposals that describe the preaching processes utilized by experienced women preachers. Childers finds the metaphor of a women conceiving and giving birth well suited to describing the experience of the preacher’s preparation and proclamation. This metaphor is well developed as the reader explores the diverse paths taken by these women preachers as each outlines her own process. There are several fundamental learnings that the reader will hear throughout the work. Each author affirms that preaching is a lonely and challenging task. Several of the women affirm that it can take years of preaching for women to find their own voice in proclamation. Women preachers will find affirmation of the diversity of preaching style among the authors. All preachers will experience a renewed commitment to their own process of sermon preparation. Experienced pastors in particular are challenged through these authors to renew their commitment to prayer, study, culture and practice in their sermon preparation.