Building for Effective Mission: A Complete Guide for Congregations on Bricks and Mortar Issues

by Kennon L. Callahan. Jossey-Bass, 1997.

Callahan asserts that although we are no longer living in a “churched culture,” we can rejoice that God now calls us to mission—to serve, using our individual and congregational strengths, and to work for justice and peace. Mission grows with compassion and community, and the mission field is the world. A congregation is a mission outpost to the people beyond its walls. In accordance with these principles, this book describes concrete actions congregations may take to discover a mission and a focus for it, and to plan for accomplishing it. Later chapters discuss the physical plant that furthers a chosen mission, evaluating possible sites for location, mission potential, property characteristics, and financial considerations; describing facilities that allow efficient staffing, scheduling, and leadership; and showing how to develop a schedule for completing building plans. Other concrete advice concerns creating a building team and selecting an architect. Finally, suggestions for funding a building project that will include money for mission are given. Whether or not a congregation plans to move or renovate, it will find this book’s emphasis on mission thought provoking.