Building From Belief Advance, Retreat, and Compromise in the Remaking of Catholic Church Architecture

by Michael E. DeSanctis. The Liturgical Press, 2002.

In a thoughtful reflection on architectural reform, this author desires to help Catholic congregations recapture a sense of the sacred in their worship space and their communities. Issues discussed are recovering a sense of community, both internally and externally, and reviving a more sacred sense of formality. In an age where screen technology has become a focal point, the author urges the rediscovery of ritual use of worship space and furnishings to enable worshippers to be touched and transformed by the beauty and poetry of the surroundings. More liturgical literacy would promote a keener sense of how worship space should be designed. A pastoral dimension of church building is offered in a chapter where three priests involved in renovations share their learnings. This book is useful to parish committees, primarily because the author consults with building committees. This book provides Catholic parishes a helpful supplement to Built of Living Stones. (From SSGI Resource Booklet, Spring 2005.)