Bullard, George


Top Resource: Directors’ Review of strategic planning resources 9.24.13. This resource was voted a top 10 strategic planning resource by 2 out of 9 directors.

From the 2012 Consultant/Facilitator Survey (deh 3/12):

See attached survey for complete details.

George provides 35 years of experience in strategic planning [using the processes of Spiritual Strategic Journey and Experiential Strategic Journey] to congregations of all sizes as they seek to live into their future. I also provide the assessment of conflict in congregations, but do not work to mediate the conflict.


George Bullard, Associate Executive Director- Treasurer of Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, was interviewed in 2005 as a part of the center's strategic planning approach assessment. For further information, contact Nancy DeMott.

George is a Ministry Partner and Strategic Coordinator at The Columbia Partnership.

Resource used for 2007 Life Together: Thinking and Acting Strategically- Major Grants Initiative. Recommended in "Consultants/Facilitators" category. From Life Together Resources You Can Use, Fall '07 Edition.
Per e-mail sent 8.14.06 - George has returned to full-time consulting and coaching. He is the Ministry Partner and Strategic Coordinator of The Columbia Partnership.