Bureau of Jewish Education, Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN. (317) 255-3124.

Since 1910, our Bureau of Jewish Education has been founded upon these words. The origins of the institution began with a dream held by community leaders, and its founder Rabbi I.E. Neustadt. Their innovation was to establish a communal, co-educational Hebrew school which taught the Hebrew language in Hebrew. Today, as the second oldest Jewish communal Hebrew school in the U.S., we continue to follow our founding innovations.

Your Link to our Future
By serving as Indianapolis' central agency for Jewish education, we serve as a resource to community synagogue schools, day schools, agencies and institutions involved in formal and informal Jewish education.
Within our home at the Smulyan-Stolkin Education Center, the Bureau maintains the state-of-the-art Mervis Family Computer Center; the Indianapolis Friends of Jewish Music Collection and the Jewish Heritage Video Collection in the William Nelson Media Center; and the Maurer Library which is the largest library of Judaica in the state.
Our Bureau also operates two schools: the Early Childhood Program and the Afternoon Hebrew School. Both American and Israeli faculty provide direct educational services to children from ages 2 years through adulthood. Today's Bureau graduate is tomorrow's volunteer, donor, community leader and policy maker who shapes our Jewish future. Fundamentally, our efforts assist students of all ages and their families in deriving the most from Jewish study and a Jewish way of life which will be transmitted to the next generation. Our exceptional faculty is comprised of fully accredited, professional educators ensuring educational quality and integrity.

Through its many programs, our Bureau addresses the totality of Jewish education by providing an environment that encourages Jewish practice, involvement and commitment.

Students embody a wide range of personal philosophies and Jewish observance, just as courses range from the creative to the intellectual. Similarly, our Board of Directors is composed of representatives from our synagogues, sister agencies of the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis, educational institutions throughout the community and volunteers who share a concern for Jewish education.