Cargill Associates

Fort Worth, TX. (800) 433-2233.

Cargill is a full-service, stewardship development firm, which promotes use of a faith perspective in place of a dollar perspective as it approaches its work with clients. Services offered revolve around insightful planning, partner relationships, continuous hands-on involvement, and record-breaking outcomes. Because churches are unique, fees and range of services are based on size, need, and annual budgeted income. Once the consultant has studied the church and determined the best course of action, he/she is able to quote a flat fee to the church. A preliminary stewardship analysis questionnaire is provided to help determine whether it would be in the best interest to conduct either an Infocus Stewardship Workshop and/or Pre-Campaign Feasibility Study prior to the campaign. The capital feasibility study aids congregations in casting, testing, funding, and sustaining their visions. Casting involves seeking God to answer if the project is necessary for strengthening ministry and mission. Testing seeks to answer whether the project is affordable and will be supported. Funding sees the project as a spiritual and biblical journey more than a money-producing effort. Sustaining encourages commitment of the church leadership toward fulfilling the vision. These studies provide valuable information that ultimately allows the church an even greater experience in stewardship and spiritual development, as well as an increase in total dollars raised, when compared to a stand-alone capital campaign. Clients have ranged from 300 to 3,000 member churches with annual budgeted incomes from $250,000 to $4,000,000. Cargill has worked with a variety of Protestant and Catholic churches, conducting biblically-based campaigns with a success rate of 88 percent to 95 percent pledges fulfilled.The Indianapolis Center for Congregations’ SSGI collection contains literature detailing Cargill Associates’ services. (From SSGI Resource Booklet, Spring 2005.)