Center on Faith in Communities

Charlottesville. (434) 293-5656.

Faith in Communities (FIC), an initiative of the Hudson Institute, promotes faith-based organizations (FBOs) and projects arising from Charitable Choice legislation by conducting research to help shape public policy and by offering a variety of resources for faith-based practitioners,including on-line and printed materials as well as consulting services. Significant research projects include 'Fruitful Collaborations,' which studies the impact of contracts on FBO programs and the levels of satisfaction that FBOs are experiencing with their government contracts. This project also responds to concerns that 1) government contracts might threaten the faith-based nature of an organization, 2) government funding might displace private funding, and 3) collaboration with a government agency might hamper an FBO's capacity to criticize government policies and actions. FIC's Web site features a downloadable version of 'Fruitful Collaborations', other research studies, articles, reviews, speeches, links to related organizations, and relevant books for practitioners and policymakers. Clearly a supporter of Charitable Choice legislation and projects, Faith in Communities provides information and resources for a congregational leader considering government funding to launch or expand a community service program.