Church Doctor Ministries

Corunna, IN. (800) 626-8515.

Church Doctor Ministries offer consultation services to churches and "guarantees" their "consultation process will be a catalytic force in a congregation, providing specific ideas and recommendations that, when implemented, will increase the effectiveness of its ministry." The process used is to conduct an on-site visit, conducting interviews with groups, individuals and staff. They also complete a facility analysis and contextual analysis of the community. From their research they prepare a complete consultation report designed to help the congregation see and eventually realize their potential.
The Church Doctor consultant personally presents the report to the congregation. The report includes categories of philosphy of ministry; spiritual health; structure; staff; programs; outreach; and building and grounds. It includes very specific recommendations, including what the congregation should be thankful for. Within 90 days of the presentation of the report, the congregation is expected to complete an action plan for implementing each recommendation in the report.
The consultant reviews the action plan and makes recommendations.
Church Doctor Ministries includes a chart of their consultation process, a video, and an audio tape presentation.