Church Staff Handbook: How to Build an Effective Ministry Team

by Harold J. Westing. Kregel Publications, 1997.

What makes for a smooth operating team in ministry? The thesis of this book is that the church staff must model for the church how a good team is to function. Author Harold Westing suggests that God wants the church to function as a team and who better to show the way than the professionals called to serve the church. The fourteen chapters are broken into three sections: Concerning the Team, which discusses the concept of teamwork and the problems faced by ministry teams; The Functioning of a Team, which lifts up the needed parts for a well-run team, including job descriptions and role expectations; and Maintaining the Team, which discusses staff conflict, meetings and retreats, and the hiring process for new team members. Most chapters have a project that allows the team members to reflect upon topics such as their church philosophy, problems that would impede good teamwork, clarifying roles among members of the team, and determining the priorities for a pastor. Throughout the book, examples of good and poor teamwork are illustrated with references to the Bible. Many of the exercises found here can be applied to existing teams or newly formed ones to strengthen their relationships. Clergy and lay members of multi-staff teams and congregational and judicatory leaders will find this book helpful in enriching the spirit of teamwork in the church.