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No HTML skills needed... Anyone can make daily or weekly website updates with do-it-yourself ease... changes to content require no programming knowledge! If you can use a word processor like Microsoft Word, then you can update the content and images on your ChurchSites-powered website. Add pages, update your calendar... all you need is the web browser you already have!

Every church has a unique personality and identity. So the ChurchSites system has been specifically built to enable any church's website design. With "designer-friendly" startup, your own design and church image/message stays a priority.

Check out the 1-2-3 simple pricing on this page. That's all there is to it. There's even free website hosting. Whether your church is planning a new site, or upgrading an old one, the ChurchSites website enablement system is specifically designed to make your site unbelievably affordable and easy to maintain.

The more people you have updating content, the more effective and up-to-date your church's site will be. But with a variety of office support staff, ministry coordinators, and lay-leaders updating their own site content, you will likely want to create special access for some, and limited access for others. The ChurchSites system allows you to create as many different security groups as needed. You can then associate a security group to a particular Ministry or system, only allowing members of that group to make edits or changes. ChurchSites also includes a Page Review system that requires a specified individual to review page updates before they go live on the site. This can be used to ensure that the page layouts conform to your web site's standards.

Let's say your youth group, other church ministry, or special event might benefit from having a "mini" website dedicated to it... not a problem. All the tools and features available to your main church site can easily "plug in" to as many other sites as you want to build-- at no extra cost! This feature is also perfect for churches with multiple locations, partner ministries, or affiliated programs.