Committee for Children

Seattle, WA. (800) 634-4449.

The nonprofit Committee for Children (CFC) offers programs that encourage children to succeed through social and emotional learning that emphasizes empathy, impulse control, problem solving, and anger management. Programs are available for both children and educators worldwide, focusing on youth violence, bullying, child abuse, and personal safety. In addition to educational programs, CFC provides research articles, reviews of childrens’ literature, and assessment tools for schools and agencies. These and other resources are available in a variety of formats (including CDs, videos, toys, and printed materials) listed in CFC's online catalog.

Founded in 1981 as the 'Talking about Touching' program (a personal safety curriculum), the CFC has expanded to a broad range of international programs and publications. Its Web site features articles, news on abuse prevention, listings of relevant events and training opportunities, parenting tips to minimize violence and abuse, and the opportunity to subscribe to a free quarterly eNewsletter, 'Second Step Tips for Success'.

Congregational leaders responsible for ministry to children and families should refer to this organization and its online resources frequently.