Computer Associates

Islandia, NY. 8002255224.

IT products and solutions, as described on the website:

Product Categories
Security Management
Protect your critical IT assets, achieve sustainable regulatory compliance, reduce your IT administration costs and enable new business opportunities.

Storage & Information Management
Create better disaster recovery plans, lower storage-related costs and manage information through its entire life cycle.

Infrastructure & Operations Management
Optimize IT performance and assure reliable service to your business users with our proactive, integrated approach to managing IT across the enterprise.

Application Performance Management
Maximize the availability and performance of your Web applications, while managing the quality of your end user's experience.
Database Management
Reduce the total cost of database ownership, better manage day-to-day operations and increase overall service management responsiveness.

IT Service & Asset Management
Ensure the cost-effective and strategic deployment of IT resources by better managing services and the assets that support them.

Project, Portfolio & Financial Management
Drive greater efficiency through best practice project execution, resource optimization and comprehensive project cost management.

Application & Development Databases
Use our innovative development, quality, information and reporting techniques, practices and tools to achieve your business goals.