Computers for Africa

Omaha, NE. (402) 933-6456.

Computers for Africa refurbishes used computers, networks them, and ships ready-to-set-up labs to non-profit organizations in Africa. Following a policy of Generous Excellence [pdf - 190Kb], we send the best we can to the most disadvantaged groups, generally youth and women, as well as organizations that work for positive social development. We have defined our mission and guiding values [pdf - 546Kb] as we work toward goals that bring practical, measurable improvements to African communities.

Twenty million PCs become obsolete in the U.S. each year.2 Though the computer equipment is often still serviceable for those with less sophisticated needs, it is usually disassembled for parts, melted down, or buried in landfills. CFA's volunteers work to maximize the life of these computers. They help bring technology to some of the world's most disadvantaged people, technology that gives hope for a better future.

In Africa there are only three computers for every 1000 people (see Africa and the Digital Divide) and increasingly employers are demanding computer skills as a condition for employment. The poorest of the poor, earning a dollar a day, are at a terrible disadvantage. Computer access and training in a CFA technology center improves their opportunity for employment, increases their access to information and brings the power of networking with others.

CFA helps everyone "win." Businesses get credit for donating still serviceable goods. Student volunteers get credit for hands-on refurbishing and learning about international issues. Still serviceable equipment gets reused. The people of Africa get technology to help improve their own lives and the development of their countries.

"... there is a need to increase the penetration of computers among the developing nations by bringing down their costs and setting up community based computer centres. . .. Mechanisms for donation of lower-version computers need to be explored." 3

Computers for Africa is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization.