Concordia Technology Solutions(Shepherd's Staff)


Congregation management software developed initially for Lutheran congregations, but expanded to include a general version for others.

Shepherd’s Staff is fully integrated church management software currently being used and appreciated in approximately 6,200 churches nation-wide. It is the only church management software on the market today both developed and sold exclusively through a not-for-profit Christian organization, making it genuinely a computer product designed “by church people, for church people.”
Tracking Membership, Attendance, Contributions, and Finances becomes simple with this convenient, “user friendly system.”
Unlike many newcomers to the church management software business, we have been serving the software needs of church and school offices for more than twenty years. In fact, our company has been in business serving churches since 1869! We are uniquely positioned to understand the special needs of the church office and staff. It is our belief that software should be more than a glorified address book. It should be a tool to help your ministry grow.

Additional web-based program is called Church 360