Conflict Management in Congregations

(David B. Lott). The Alban Institute, 2001.

Noting that most of us aren't very good at dealing with conflict, consultant Speed Leas asserts that there is nothing intrinsically bad about conflict. “It is a fact of life, and often an important ingredient in making possible new ideas, new ways of doing things, and new or renewed relationships." In 'Conflict Management in Congregations,' editor David Lott gathers the experience of more than a dozen authorities on church conflict. Revealing that “conflict” means different things in different settings, the book features essays that focus on managing organizational tensions related to power sharing, that explore the flawed and unpredictable ways people cope with stress, that provide standards by which to evaluate the potential for success in conflict resolution, and that share helpful insights from ethnically diverse congregations. Congregations facing new conflict challenges, as well as persons who work at conflict mediation, will find a valuable and ready reference in this book.