Congregational Studies in the Uk: Christianity in a Post-Christian Context (Explorations in Practical, Pastoral and Empirical Theology)

(Mathew Guest). Routledge Taylor and Francis Group, 2005.

This book is a lively demonstration of the utility of studying congregations - not just in the presumably religious US, but also in the presumably secular UK. From sociology and anthropology and organizational studies and theology come insightful accounts of the cultures and impact of local religious communities. This book is a major advance in congregational studies that will be eagerly read on both sides of the Atlantic. (Nancy T Ammerman, from back cover)

Description from publisher: This book presents the first comprehensive introduction to congregational studies in the UK. Through a series of innovative essays, it explores the difference that the increasingly post-Christian nature of British society is making to life in Christian congregations, and compares this to the very different scenario which exists in the USA. Contributions from leading scholars in the field include rich case studies of local communities and theoretical analyses which reflect on issues of method and develop broader understandings. Congregational studies is revealed as a rich and growing field of interest to scholars across many disciplines and to those involved in congregational life.