Congregational Trauma: Caring, Coping and Learning

by Jill M. Hudson. Rowman & Littlefield, 1998.

'Congregational Trauma' addresses uncommon, tragic crises that strike congregations and require special caring, coping, and learning skills. Examples of such crises include a devastating fire or bombing, severe sexual misconduct, or a pastor’s untimely death. Author and executive presbyter Jill Hudson sensitively presents three authentic case histories. She helps readers to prepare for crisis with tested strategies; helpful checklists; worship and healing resources; and advice on obtaining judicatorial support, engaging the media, and dealing with anniversaries. Hudson also discusses the theology of suffering and the psychology of trauma. A concluding chapter addresses recovery and the movement toward wholeness for individuals and church communities. While 'Congregational Trauma' addresses issues that most of us would prefer to avoid, leaders will appreciate this resource when tragedy occurs.