Congregations as Learning Communities: Tools for Shaping Your Future

by Dennis G. Campbell G. The Alban Institute, 2000.

Drawing on the “Learning Organization” work of Peter Senge (see 'The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization'), Dennis Campbell leads the reader through an introduction to the “Learning Congregation”—a congregation that never stops learning and changing, but engages and responds to new information and opportunities. Such congregations recognize that their most important work in our rapidly evolving culture is to ask what God is calling them to do. These are the congregations, argues Campbell, which will thrive into the future. After a two-chapter review of Senge’s systems model and how it can be applied in communities of faith, Campbell walks congregations through various forms of questioning that can help them understand God’s call. Campbell also examines the values and assumptions of congregational culture and helps congregations plan their responses to God’s call. 'Congregations as Learning Communities' will be useful to congregations that are exploring their relationship to our changing culture and their desire to hear and respond to God’s call for internal change.