Deaf Community Services (DCS) A Division of Crossroads Rehabilitation Center Easter Seals

Indianapolis, IN. (317) 479-3240.

TTY number: 317-479-3232

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Deaf Community Services

Linking the Deaf and hearing communities through communication

Deaf Community Services (DCS), a division of Easter Seals Crossroads, is driven by its pledge to provide recognition of and language accessibility to the Deaf community. DCS is committed to serve as a link between the Deaf and hearing communities.

Services provided by DCS:

-Interpreting Services - DCS arranges ASL interpreters to facilitate communications between Deaf/hard of hearing clients and hearing persons. Contact us to arrange an interprerter by clicking here or by calling (317) 479-3240.
-Case Management - Our case manager assists clients in areas of employment, finances, housing and other basic needs. She is also specially trained to assist members of Medicaid Select in selecting a Primary Medical Provider.
-Advocacy - DCS provides advice and assistance to Deaf groups or individuals regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), discrimination of employment, education, communication, denial of access and other social servics.
-Community Education and Outreach - DCS presents workshops and in-service training programs designed to foster a better understanding of Deaf culture as well as Deaf/hard of hearing individuals.
Information and Referral - DCS maintains, updates and gives our information on Deafness and hard of hearing individuals, service agencies, local resources and community events.
-Community Accessibility - DCS has a TTY for clients to use for personal calls. The TTY is available during normal offices hours, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
24-Hour Accessibility - DCS can be contacted 24-hours a day through our emergency cell phone, (317) 985-1548, or emergency email,