Delivra (formerly Neighborhood Email)

Indianapolis, IN. (866) 915-9465.

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Wouldn’t it be great if you had one source for all of your email marketing needs?

With Delivra, you get email marketing software, professional consulting, design services and more. You no longer need to find a consultant, hire designers, or spend your valuable time creating, sending and analyzing email campaigns.

Gain the freedom to handle the parts of email marketing that you love and let us handle the rest. Here are some examples of how our software and services can help:

Software and Services

List Management
Quickly add, remove and track subscriber activity

Easy WYSIWYG Editor
Easily adapt an existing template or create your own

Improve results by customizing messaging to subsets of your email list

Save time by automatically sending emails based on recipient actions

Customize fields and content blocks to bring a personal message
Tracking & Reporting
Real-time reports give you valuable feedback without the wait
SMS/Text Messaging
Use our Text 2 Subscribe and Outbound SMS features to grow your list and communicate to your audience via mobile.
Product Partners
Combine Delivra with other powerful digital marketing tools like Adobe SiteCatalyst (Omniture), Google Analytics, Salesforce Microsoft Dynamics , NetSuite, Tabsite and Volusion


Expert customized advice to boost long-term results
Professional design services to improve response
Full-time staff dedicated to email delivery success
Save time by outsourcing list preparation, importing content, testing and sending
API Integration
Use Delivra’s API to build email into your existing applications and workflows
Account Management
Each Delivra customer is paired with a dedicated account manager