Digital Worship Media


Sermon starters that are the fusion of ministry and media, very useful for stimulating thinking and creating an atmostphere for worshipping

From website:

ADIATE FILMS exists to equip ministers with sophisticated film tools that can be used to not only affect hearts and minds but influence our culture towards an encounter with God. Working in MINISTRY, you already know how important it is to communicate at their speed. Grabbing hold of their attention involves using film, video and multimedia... basically all things cool and flashy. That's where Radiate Films comes in. We provide sophisticated media elements to give your ministry that polished, cutting edge look that grabs hold and says, "Don't blink who knows what you'll miss!" These film tools were designed by cool guys and ladies with loads of experience in youth ministry and, equally important, filmmaking. They are putting their talents to work to get you the resources to influence a new generation for Christ.