Discerning Your Spiritual Gifts

by Lloyd Edwards. Cowley Publications [2], 1988.

While human abilities are "natural talents" when they are used for self-gratification or altruism, they become "spiritual gifts" when they equip a person to assume his or her unique role in God's creative and redemptive work. This role is discovered through an understanding of God in relationship with individuals and creation. Gifts can be discovered at any stage of spiritual development, but gifts revealed when one is grounded in a faith community make easier an appreciation of the dual role an individual plays: as a unique agent for God's work in the world and as a member of a community held by God.

The book includes discussions of gifts in the Christian tradition as related in the New Testament, practices and activities of a hypothetical congregation living with the knowledge of their spiritual gifts, the relationship between human wounds and gifts, and gift discovery as part of a spiritual journey.

Offering theological exploration, personalized examples, exercises for gift discernment, and a model for a spiritual gifts workshop, this book can be used by individuals, workshop leaders, or congregational leaders.