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Full service systems integrator and internet service provider.

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DDC provides a variety of managed services to help you grow your business. We can take care of your existing computers or replace them with guaranteed hardware and software. We can help you engineer a comprehensive data retention, archival and disaster recovery strategy. We provide hosting for your mission critical email and websites. And we can bring you the reliable broadband connection you need to keep your business online. Call now to learn how. Or fill out the form to the right. Or just send us an email.
DuraCare™ Computer Management
DuraCare is a remote monitoring and management solution that lets us care for your computer with a scheduled regimen of software updates, security patches and health checks. With DuraCare we are alerted if your system is failing so that we can intervene to assure your data, update your antivirus software, even verify your backups. DuraCare is smart insurance for your onsite computers.
DuraVault™ Data Management
DuraVault Data Management provides several matched solutions to ensure your data is protected:
DuraVault Offsite Backup
This intelligent backup agent can be installed on all your servers and workstations to automatically backup system data to our secure Storage Area Network. No more messing with backup tapes only to find your data isn't really there. With DuraVault Offsite backup, you receive a report by email everyday which lists the files that were backed up last night.
DuraVault Mail Archive
This service provides a complete archive of all your inbound and outbound email. Even if your employee deletes messages, they persist in the DuraVault Mail Archive. Whether you're concerned about regulatory compliance or just tired of running out of space in your Inbox, DuraVault Mail Archive provides a cost effective way to keep it all and keep it all safe.
DuraVault Disaster Recovery Images
A disaster recovery image lets you rebuild your computer or server on a brand new piece of hardware in the event of fire, flood, theft, or other disaster. It is a complete clone of your current computer that can be deployed in our cloud to put you back in business almost immediately. Then, you can stay in the cloud, or use it as a bridge while you order replacement server hardware to redeploy onsite.
DuraMail™ Hosted Email Services
DuraMail™ is a suite of e-mail, archive and compliance services. Whether you need a hosted Exchange Server that supports Smartphones and Blackberry devices, or standard POP3/IMAP and webmail clients. All DuraMail™ packages include our superior spam and virus filtering, and we offer Archive and Compliance services; including e-mail retention; policy enforcement; mandatory disclaimers and other features to ensure transparency and regulatory compliance.
Exchange Email
Email is the lifeline for your business, but Exchange Server email is often too expensive and complicated for small office work groups. Now DuraMail™ gives you all the power of your own Exchange Server without the hassle or expense. Use Public folders to organize your workgroup, share Global Address Lists and contacts, and use public calendars to schedule meetings and tasks.
POP3 Email
If your business doesn't need the power of Exchange Public Folders, our POP3 email solution is your answer. DuraMail Pop3 is a no nonsense email solution with generous storage allowances that you can access from anywhere. You can add, remove, and suspend email accounts on demand, setup forwards and aliases, and manage autoresponses.
Mail Scanning
The DDC mail scanner eliminates more than 95% of unsolicited commercial email while also removing viruses and other malware. Even if you don't use DDC's hosted email servers, you can still have your inbound and outbound email scanned before it lands on your email server.
DuraWeb™ IIS and Apache Webhosting
DDC provides web hosting with a difference. No more shared infrastructure with cute control panels that keep you from doing what you really need to do. With DDC’s DuraWeb web hosting appliances you get secure, reliable web hosting technology for your enterprise with a variety of options to support your website developers with the latest technologies. All appliances come with full console or shell access.
Microsoft Internet Information Server
Hosted on Windows 2008 R2, DDC's IIS hosting includes Microsoft’s SQL Server Express and the .NET Framework for sophisticated web applications. SQL and the .NET Framework allows you to:
Apply common skills across a variety of devices, application types, and programming tasks
Integrate with other tools and technologies to build the right solution with less work
Build compelling applications faster
For even faster development, combine our IIS hosting with DuraDesk and Visual Studio 2008.
Apache Linux Web Hosting
Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP are the technologies which drive many of the most powerful software-as-a-service websites. DDC's LAMP hosting can help you deploy your own sophisticated web site with a variety of open source tools for blogging, CRM, content management, help desk services, shopping carts and much, much more. Other appliances are available with preconfigured solutions for CRM, Document and Content Management,
DuraStation™ Hardware Management
Why buy your computer hardware and software when you can rent them for less? Our DuraStation employee workstations are available as desktops, laptops and netbooks. They include all the Microsoft software you need like MS Office, Outlook and SharePoint. And all of it is guaranteed. If the hardware breaks, we repair it or replace it-- FREE. And if Microsoft comes out with a new version of their software, you get the upgrade for free. And our DuraCare management service is included. It's your computers without all the headaches.
DuraNet™ Broadband Ethernet Connections
Tired of the poor service and sporadic bandwidth you've been receiving from your current ISP? DDC's DuraNet Metro Ethernet product is available in most major markets and provides from 3-10 megabits per second of enterprise-grade bandwidth so you and your team can keep working even when your competitors are down. Our DuraNet is more stable and reliable than DSL or Cable connections, and comes with our personalized support.