Effective Men's Ministry: The Indispensable Toolkit For Your Church

(Phil Downer). Zondervan Publishing House, 2001.

Remember the little hand game: Here is the church, here is the steeple,
open the door, here are the people? In many churches today, when you open
the door, you may see mostly women and wonder: Where are the men? Men still
have a deep spiritual longing and desire to connect with God and other men
in a meaningful way, but many have drifted away from church.

'Effective Men's Ministry' is packed with practical, step-by-step suggestions for reaching out to men. Some of the writers come from a fundamentalist or evangelical theological stance, but their suggestions can easily be modified by more progressive churches.

These essays are written by men, for men, and cover a wide range of strategies. From sporting events to prayer groups, from large events to one-on-one mentoring, each activity is planned to meet men where they are. By developing meaningful relationships that lead to spiritual growth and fellowship, men can reclaim their faith and take their places in the church community. Each plan includes strategies for advanced planning, evaluation, follow-up, and revision. All are based on real-life experience.

Somewhere in these pages you'll find an idea that will reach the men your church needs—because they need you too.