EQ Directory

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For those interested in Emotional Intelligence, the EQ Directory is the site to explore. (Note: Emotional Intelligence is a way of understanding and choosing how we think, feel, and act.) Currently, there are links to over 300 sites which provide relevant information and further resources. Users can simply click links to find any number of books, organizations, and studies relevant to their concerns. In addition, web links are reviewed and users have the opportunity to add their evaluative comments, or even to suggest new web resources. There are over a dozen sub-categories to help narrow searches. For example, sites are sub-divided by: Organizations, Corporate, College and University, K-12 Schools, Parents and Kids, Events and Conferences, War and Peace, and several more. Users also are able to download free articles on Emotional Intelligence and sign-up for free up-dates as new links are created. Additionally, the site has a ‘random link’ button, which will take you on an uncharted exploratory journey into Emotional Intelligence sites. Congregations involved in Emotional Intelligence efforts will find this site indispensable.