Evaluating Ministry: Principles and Processes for Clergy and Congregations

by Jill M. Hudson. The Alban Institute, 1992.

Start with this slim volume if you are designing either an evaluation process for clergy already in place or a contract provision for clergy soon to be called. Understanding ministry as mutual and collaborative between congregation and pastorate, Jill Hudson would have any process apply to 'both' clergy and congregation. To evaluate the ministry 'only of clergy' is to deprive both clergy and congregation of the full opportunity for growth and development. For Hudson, evaluation has no connection to problem resolution or conflict management; its purpose centers on growth. In addition to rationales, anticipated outcomes, and a dozen very useful reminders, the author includes four case studies, sample forms and processes, summaries, and references to denominational guides. Finally, she advises avoiding packages; instead she advocates tailoring one's actual processes to the specific congregation.