Executive Values: A Christian Approach to Organizational Leadership

by Kurt Senske. Augsburg Fortress Press, 2003.

Is it possible to run a financially successful organization and uphold the golden rule? Kurt Senske, CEO of Lutheran Social Services, asserts that it is not only possible, but the only choice for a faithful business leader. 'Executive Values' takes us through anecdotes of what works organizationally and what doesn't. Senske addresses living the golden rule of leadership, creating an effective organizational culture, doing the right thing, applying a values-based approach to strategic planning, developing and mentoring a leadership team, balancing family and professional life, and leading a life of significance.

This book is aimed primarily at business leaders seeking to develop a moral center without compromising financial stability. However, Senske offers provocative reading on such issues as becoming a servant-leader, providing just compensation, seeking out the opinions of others, and intentionally taking time to be healthy—issues pertinent to judicatory executives, pastors, and any leader interested in navigating the challenge of creating a just and productive climate for carrying out the work of congregations.