Exploring Christian Spirituality: An Ecumenical Reader

(Kenneth J. Collins). Baker Book House, 2000.

From the Back Cover
The carefully chosen selections in this volume seek to define the robust nature of Christian spirituality. Gathering together contemporary contributions from mainline Protestant, evangelical, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox writers, this ecumenical anthology, unlike others available, is unique in the clear definitional focus that it brings to its subject and in the diversity of authors, genders, and traditions represented.
Contributors include Richard Lovelace, James Torrance, Eugene Peterson, John Macquarrie, Philip Sheldrake, and David Lowes Watson.

"A superb starting point for a thoughtful reflection on the nature of spiritual experience. Such an analysis is vital in this day and age when so many people are fascinated by spirituality yet unconnected to any spiritual tradition." -Richard V. Peace, Fuller Theological Seminary

"Exploring Christian Spirituality provides a personal challenge to thoughtful Christians of the multi-dimensional nature of the Christian faith, whose integration is needed more than ever . . . . it is a book that will have a lasting value, an important work to consult constantly." -James M. Houston, Regent College

"A quality resource. It offers balance, breadth, perspective, and numerous helpful insights." -Ben C. Johnson, Columbia Theological Seminary

"A valuable resource for students in Christian Spirituality, initiating them into the current discussion in the field and acquainting them with some of the major contributors to that discussion." -Sandra M. Schneiders, Jesuit School of Theology

"Ken Collins has put at our disposal some of the best contributions to the current debate about spirituality in both church and academy." -E. Glenn Hinson, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"An expansive introduction and description unlike anything I have seen." -Maxie D. Dunnam, Asbury Theological Seminary

Kenneth J. Collins (Ph.D., Drew University) is professor of historical theology and Wesley studies at Asbury Theological Seminary and has written extensively on the life and theology of John Wesley and the history of spirituality.

Product Description:
A renewed interest in spirituality is sweeping the world, but the term "spirituality" can encompass everything from Protestant evangelistic fervor to New Age mysticism. Exploring Christian Spirituality seeks to identify what is distinctive about Christian spirituality.

In this collection of twenty-four essays, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, Reformed, Anglican, and Methodist writers describe the unique forms of spirituality that have emerged from their traditions. Other essays show how theology can inform spirituality and how the doctrine of the Trinity gives Christian spirituality its unique character. Additional topics explored are the role of Scripture in shaping Christian spirituality and the feminist perspective on spirituality.