Faith Communities Today (FACT)

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Accessed May 1, 2017.

Sponsored by the Hartford Institute for Religion Research, the Faith Communities Today (or FACT) study analyzes congregational values and activities across 41 faith groups. The largest study of its kind, FACT includes the four main Protestant groups (Liberal, Moderate, Evangelical, and Historically Black denominations), Roman Catholic/Orthodox groups, and Baha'i, Morman, Muslim, and Jewish groups. It points to some relationships between a congregation's demographics and such factors as its feeling of vitality, clarity of purpose, openness to change, innovation in worship, emphasis on personal morality, and opportunities for outreach. FACT notes that many congregations are vital, see themselves as growing, and contribute to their communities. But it also notes that many congregations lack the infrastructure for social welfare programs, the capacity to undertake change without engendering conflict, and the presence of leaders who are able to address congregational change. To benefit most from this study, you will need to visit the FACT Web site. There you will find an online video introduction to the project, as well as a downloadable research report, an executive summary, a series of topical reports, and information about the survey questions and participants. Perhaps most helpful is the Web site's "Interactive Workbook" for comparing your own survey responses with those of survey groups that you define. This workbook is a valuable tool for connecting the FACT survey to your own congregation and discovering how its findings can assist you and other congregational leaders.