Final Cut Video Productions, Inc.

Indianapolis, IN. (317) 359-4634.

A full service video production and training company with reasonable pricing;
demo and references available.
One example: they recently videoptaped the Thurs and Fri session of a major denominational meeting and had it edited and narrated in time to play for the Saturday sessions.
In addition, Donna Quiring who often works with them also does regular photography. Donna Quiring []

Final Cut has been in business over 20 years and served companies and churches in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and a variety of locations throughout the US. We are comfortable with training and promotional videos dealing with everything from steel mills to surgical suites.
In addition to the church conference summary we played onto the large video screen shot, edited and shown "live" on the final day, we have also worked on mission training videos and evangelism videos for churches and the history of churches. I have personally videotaped a mission group in Haiti, which became six minute experience video and a two minute mission "promo". (from an email from Charles Hodge. Posted 7/20/07. KF)